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Cruising Back to Safe Travel (KWYWTG 12)
October 23, 2021
Travel has been increasing over the summer, even with the pandemic rearing its ugly head time and time again. We talk about safe travel on flights, slight inconveniences, and really get into cruising on this episode. Virgin Voyages launched it's Mermaiden Voyage out of Miami this month. Learn more about this cruise line and why YOU should feel safe getting on a cruise ship and traveling now and in the future.
It's been a while! In March we talked about people getting out and traveling as well as great resources you can take a look at to ensure that you're going to the right place at the right time.

Today we'll revisit some of those resources as well as talk about the exciting new cruise line - Virgin Voyages. Their Scarlet Lady is awaiting your embarkation! Learn more about what Virgin Voyages is all about and see if it is something you should consider for a future voyage. We look forward to seeing you in November and December on board.

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