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The Future of Travel: Anticipating Exciting Trends and Changes in the Industry [KWYWTG 22]
October 30, 2023
Welcome to the Know Where You Wanna Go travel podcast with your host, Cam De Jong. In today's episode, we delve into the top travel industry trends for the next few years. Cam discovered an insightful article that sparked his interest and he's excited to share his thoughts with you. From travelers going solo to the growing demand for local experiences, Cam explores these trends and highlights the importance of personalized and authentic travel. He also discusses the role of technology in enhancing the travel experience, from facial recognition to room service robots. Additionally, Cam explores the blending of business and leisure travel and the rise of workations. Lastly, he touches upon the exciting developments in sustainable travel, including electric air travel and new aircraft designs. Join Cam as he discusses these trends and encourages listeners to embrace new travel possibilities. Don't forget to subscribe, leave a review, and follow the podcast for more insightful travel content.
In this episode of the Know Where You Wanna Go travel podcast, host Cam De Jong explores the top travel industry trends for 2023 to 2026. He discusses some of the key findings from an article on by Josh Howarth. Cam shares his insights and opinions on these trends, including:

1. Travelers going solo: A website reports that 25% of American millennials plan to travel alone each year. Cam discusses the fear of traveling alone and highlights the benefits of group travel and booking properly to ensure safety and social interaction.

2. Travelers craving local experiences: Cam emphasizes the importance of personalized travel, interacting with locals, and avoiding commercial tour groups. He mentions Virgin Voyages as an example of a company that focuses on providing local experiences.

3. Travel tech adoption: Cam discusses the use of technology in the travel industry, such as robots for room service, chatbots for customer service, and facial recognition for check-ins and security. He mentions Delta's boarding pass scanning system as an example.

4. Blending business and leisure travel: Cam talks about the trend of combining work trips with vacation time, turning them into hybrid experiences. He also mentions the rise of people working remotely from vacation spots.

5. Sustainability in travel: Cam briefly touches upon the future of sustainable travel, including electric air travel and eco-friendly initiatives by airlines.

Cam encourages listeners to think about these trends and how they can embrace solo travel, seek local experiences, leverage technology, blend business with leisure, and support sustainable travel.


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