Know Where You Want To Go Travel Podcast
Travel Anxiety Part One – CBD (KWYWTG 5)
August 3, 2019
Do you become anxious before travel? There are potentially answers that can help you out before your next trip. We talk briefly about one possible solution today in part one of two of our travel anxiety series.
Welcome to the fifth episode of the Know Where You Want to Go Travel Podcast. Today's topic starts part one of two on a series about travel anxiety. We will talk about one method used to combat anxiety and for general travel well-being for everyone, from adults to pets. 

Even the most traveled of us can become unraveled by the experience of crowds at airports, high seas, turbulence or another of other factors. This travel anxiety doesn't even take into account those who usually stay behind; particularly our furry friends. 

The host today is CamJon LLC managing partner Cam DeJong.