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Curacao and the 80's: Where Music Meets Adventure (KWYWTG 16)
March 30, 2023
Travel Destination: Curacao - Upcoming event in 2024: the 80's Cruise - Original and cover bands from the 80s - Excursion activities with Dive Bus, Irie Tours, and Eric's ATV Tours Details of the 80's Cruise - Opportunities to interact with bands and take excursions with them - Division of guests into two groups, seeing either the main or secondary act each night - Fun activities that are 80's based, including 80's theme nights.
On this episode of Know Where You Want to Go Travel Podcast, we explore the exciting 80's cruise happening with a stop on the Caribbean island, Curacao, in 2024. Featuring original and cover bands from the 80's, the cruise offers amazing excursions, including shore diving and snorkeling with the Dive Bus, tours with Irie Tours, and adventures with Eric's ATV Tours.

Some of the featured bands on the 2024 80's Cruise include 38 Special, Soft Cell, Air Supply, Debbie Gibson, and many more!

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